Best football boots for wide feet

Are you tired of cramming your wide feet into narrow football boots? We understand the struggle! Having wide feet should not mean compromising on comfort or performance. That''s why we''ve compiled a list of the best football boots specifically designed to accommodate wider feet. Get ready to step up your game without sacrificing comfort or style!


We know that we talk about PUMA FUTURE ULTIMATE a lot but it’s hard not to. These boots have been turning heads in the football world, as many professional players are switching to them for their superior fit and comfort. The PUMA FUTURE line has come a long way, and the current model is one of the best-fitting boots available on the market, regardless of the shape of your foot.
The crucial element in all this is the FUZIONFIT360 upper, which is made by a stretchy material, that is tight but comfortable and ensures one of the best barefoot feels that we’ve experienced.
If your goal is to get football boots that will just fit incredibly well, PUMA FUTURE ULTIMATE is the pair for you.


adidas Predator Accuracy aPA

Designed for precision and power, the adidas Predator Accuracy is actually one of the widest boots we’ve tried this year. Its Primeknit collar and the HybridTouch upper adapt to your foot's shape, offering a snug yet accommodating fit. On top of that, the High-Definition Grip technology enhances ball control, making it a go-to boot for midfield maestros.

adidas Predator Accuracy

Nike Phantom GX EliteNikePhantomGX

The Nike Phantom GX is engineered for dynamic play, accuracy and exceptional comfort even for wide-footed players. Its revolutionary Nike Gripknit upper is a sticky material that provides a sock-like fit while ensuring a great control of the ball. With its responsive Tri-star studs, this boot ensures you can perform at your best throughout the game.

Nike Phantom GX Elite

Mizuno Morelia Neo IIIMizunoMoreliaNeo3

Mizuno understands what we, football players, want in a football boot and as a result, they are known for creating some of the highest quality football boots on the market. Morelia Neo III delivers an amazing fit for most people, keeping wide-footed players in mind. Crafted from premium kangaroo leather, it offers exceptional softness and a spacious toe box. The lightweight design and excellent traction make it a great choice for most players, no matter the position you play.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III

Nike Premier 3Niek premier3

The Nike Premier 3 is perfect for individuals with wider feet. It features a premium leather upper, which creates a comfortable yet firm feel that forms to your foot shape while providing foot stability and excellent ball control. The wide fit also contributes to the extra toe room, making it a long-lasting and reliable choice.

Nike Premier 3

New Balance Furon V7 ProNBFuronv7

The New Balance Furon V7 Pro is built for explosive speed and engineered with a wider fit in mind. The lightweight Hypoknit upper ensures maximum comfort and durability, while being soft and almost imitating leather. Furthermore, the directional stud design enhances traction and acceleration. All in all, New Balance offers a great football boot that costs less than its competition and has an amazing performance, while being more than suitable for players with wide feet.

New Balance Furon V7

adidas Copa MundialCopaMundial

For decades, the adidas Copa Mundial has been a symbol of quality and style in the football boot world. Featuring a kangaroo leather upper that molds to your foot shape and its famous, universal fit, this boot provides an unparalleled level of comfort. Its durability, iconic tongue and timeless design make it a true classic, with fans from all over the world praising its unique features.

adidas Copa Mundial

Mizuno Alpha Made in JapanMizuno Alpha

Rounding off our list is the Mizuno Alpha, designed to accommodate wider feet without compromising on performance. The engineered synthetic upper is incredibly thin, giving the boots a great barefoot feel. The lightweight construction and traction pattern deliver a responsive and agile playing experience. Mizuno Alpha Made in Japan are the most premium speed boots on the market, combining unmatched performance and comfort.

Mizuno Alpha MIJ

adidas Copa GloroCopaGloro

adidas Copa Gloro is a great choice for anyone on a budget. The boots feature a soft calf leather, meaning that the boots will mould to your foot shape with time. This direct competitor to Nike Premier 3 is sporting a similar retro look having the fold-over tongue. The boot has a really nice build quality, considering its low price. If you are looking for boots that won’t break the bank, adidas Copa gloro could be the perfect choice for you.

adidas Copa Gloro

In conclusion, finding the right football boots for wide feet is crucial for optimal performance and comfort on the pitch. The options we've highlighted in this list offer a variety of styles, technologies, and fits to suit every wide-footed player's needs. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of the adidas Copa Mundial or the futuristic design of the Puma Future, there's a boot that will provide the perfect fit for you. Check out all of them at our store and elevate your game! Happy playing!